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FORM 1 Info

ATF Form 1 is an “Application to Make and Register a Firearm.” 

It is used whenever a person without a Federal Firearms License (FFL) wants to make an “NFA Firearm” such as a silencer (suppressor), short-barreled rifle (SBR), short-barreled shotgun (SBS), or an Any Other Weapon (AOW).

The ATF Form 1 is an application – this means that it is sent to the ATF as a request for permission.

A non-FFL fills out the ATF Form 1, submits it along with a check for the applicable fee, and waits for approval. 

NOTE: This is federal law only – certain states may prohibit this activity.


It takes up to a few months for the ATF to approve a Form 1.


NFA Trust & Manufacturing Engraving

All NFA firearms must be identified by a serial number and other specified markings. If an existing firearm is being used in the making of the NFA weapon, and that firearm is serialized, the existing serial number should be used (unless it duplicates a serial number already used by the maker on Form 1) and entered in Block 4(g). If the weapon is of new manufacture, the applicant must assign a unique serial number and enter it in Block 4(g). For example, a unique serial number could be composed of at least 4 digits preceded by the initials of the maker. NOTE: alpha characters, e.g., a name, will not be accepted as a serial number. If a name is to be used, there must be at least one numeric character in addition to the alpha characters.

The serial number must be engraved or stamped on the receiver of the firearm and the caliber, model, and identification of the maker must be engraved on the barrel or frame, or receiver of the weapon. The marking and identification requirements for a maker are the same as for a manufacturer. Refer to section 7.4 for a detailed discussion of the requirements.

We offer Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) laser engraving for National Firearms Act (NFA) weapons, including short-barrel shotguns (SBSs), short barrel rifles (SBRs), and silencers marked in compliance with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and Explosives (ATF) standards. 

We maintain a license from the ATF that allows us to act as a Type 07 Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) and Special Occupational Taxpayer (SOT). It enables us to take possession of firearms, suppressors, stocks, barrels, uppers and lowers, and rails and accessories and engrave them with the necessary information (e.g., serial numbers, owner/NFA trust information, etc.) and personalized text and graphics legally. The font, size, and depth requirements by the ATF are the hardest aspect to obtain for an engraving shop. Most retail trophy and engraving shops do not have the capability to engrave to that depth without damaging the surface material.

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