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X-Treme Bullets 9mm - 115gr HP

X-Treme Bullets 9mm - 115gr HP

SKU: Ex9mm_115gr_Hp

X-Treme Bullets are proudly made out of the finest materials available in the United States in order to ensure performance delivered down range with each and every shot. Our process starts with a lead billet that is extruded into wire. The lead wire is then swaged into a core. The cores are copper plated, then restruck once more. Though not common in the industry, this restrike process produces a bullet that is more uniform, with a more precise diameter and a smoother finish for a better shooting and better looking bullet. 

*Made in the USA*


    9mm- 115 HP
    Quantity of 500
    Diameter: 0.355


    Items Ship direct to customer.

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