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Bought a firearm online, or you need to ship a gun, and you’re wondering how to transfer it?

A firearm transfer, simply speaking, is the change in possession of a firearm from an FFL to another FFL or a person/customer (non-FFL). The person or entity receiving the gun is the transferee.

Outlaw Angel Arms is an FFL dealer and can receive and process transfers of firearms & NFA items.


When you purchase a firearm from an FFL dealer, you will need to have the firearm transferred to you.

If you are not an FFL holder (i.e. you don’t have your own FFL), then you, as the buyer, will need to go to the FFL dealer’s licensed premises to fill out an ATF Form 4473 (and other required paperwork in some states) and satisfy the background check requirements (typically a NICS background check).

The place of purchase is not necessarily an issue like the place of transfer is. For example, it is perfectly legal to purchase the gun online as long as it is shipped to an FFL dealer where you go to have it transferred to you.


Buying a Firearm

Here are the steps to transferring a firearm as a buyer.​​

Step 1 – We're your local FFL

If you’re buying in person, you’ll be able to purchase or order in-store. If you’re buying online (or having it shipped from another FFL), you'll need to send it to us to conduct the transfer.


Also, if you’re having the gun sent to OAA, you need to see if we have any special rules to follow (transfer form to fill out). Our transfer fee is $30, and $100 for NFA Items. Please fill out or Transfer Form here.


Step 2 – Purchase the Firearm

Before a transfer can take place, you must purchase the firearm. You can either do this in the gun store or online.

If you purchase the item online, you’re going to need to ship it to OAA.


Step 3 – Transfer the Firearm

Once you have completed the form, you will hand the form and your government-issued photo ID and/or if applicable a non-expired CCW (don’t forget this) to the gun store employee and they’ll complete their portion of the form, and run the NICS background check (unless you qualify for an exemption/ if you have a valid NC Concealed Carry Permit).


Once local, state & federal requirements are met and, you've paid the fees, we will transfer the gun to you and it’s yours!

Transfer complete!

Selling a Firearm

Here are the steps to transferring a firearm as a seller.

Step 1 – Sell the Firearm

The first step, obviously, is to sell the firearm.

If you sell the firearm online (like on gunBroker, for example), make sure you’ve received payment for the firearm before continuing! We are not responsible for receiving payment!


Step 2 – Gather Recipient Details

You will need to give OAA your contact information and the contact information of who will receive the firearm.

You may only legally ship a firearm across state lines to a valid FFL.


Step 3 – Ship the Firearm

Package the firearm and include a copy of your driver’s license so that the receiving FFL can properly record where the firearm came from. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.

Transfer Fee

Your local FFL (the receiving FFL) is likely to charge an FFL Transfer fee to cover their time and any costs in that state for the NICS background check.

The OAA Transfer fee is $30, and $100 for NFA items.


FFL Transfers fees depend on your local gun dealer.


You should ALWAYS ask your FFL what their transfer fees are before you pick that FFL.


As it is a service, there should not be any sales tax on the invoice for the firearm transaction.

Firearm Transfer Rules

OAA needs to know where the firearm is coming from to properly log it into our records. The ATF requires that we maintain a records book with all acquisitions and dispositions 


If you are an individual sending a firearm to an FFL to be transferred, then you should include a copy of your driver’s license in with the firearm so that the FFL can record your name and address. You may not like it, but it’s a requirement that the FFL knows this information.


Please contact OAA prior to sending the firearm. OAA will need to know what to do with the firearm once we receive it. Fill our the contact form here to submit a request for a transfer of a firearm or NFA item.


If the OAA is transferring the firearm to an individual (either the person buying your gun or you if the transfer is for your gun), then a ATF Form 4473 and NICS background check (with some exceptions) must be completed. This form is the paperwork you fill out whenever you buy a gun from an OAA – it includes your information and answers to questions confirming that you aren’t a prohibited person.


For long-guns (rifles and shotguns), OAA can transfer the firearm to a resident of any state as long as it’s legal in both states. Handguns, however, can only be transferred to residents of the state where the OAA is located.

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